Author Guidelines


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Manuscripts submitted in English should be written in clear, concise and grammatically correct English. The manuscript should be presented in the following order;

Abstract Please provide a short abstract between 250- 300 words. The abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references. Usually, the abstract summarises the work reported and does not contain background information or speculative statements.

Key words Please provide 3-5 key words separated with commas.

Introduction This section should argue the case for your study, outlining only essential background, but should not include either the findings or the conclusions. It should not be a review of the subject area, but should finish with a clear statement of the question being addressed. Please provide a context for the report with respect to previous work done in the field. The literature should be cited. Please do not insert page number in your manuscript with MS Word insert page facility.

Material and Methods Please provide sufficient methodological details to allow a competent person to repeat the work.

Results and Discussion This should highlight the results and the significance of the results and place them in the context of other work. The final paragraph ought to provide a resume of the main conclusions. Normally a comparison between your results and results from previous works should be given in the Discussion.

Limitations and Suggestions This should highlight the limitations of the study and suggestions for both future studies and  possible implications.

References All articles must be written according to APA 6 guidelines.