Investigation of Aggression Levels of Trabzonspor Fans

This study aimed to examine the levels of aggression among Trabzonspor fans, considering different variables. The study employed the general survey model, which is a quantitative research model. The study group comprised individuals who were supporters of the Trabzonspor Club. The study sample comprised 1269 participants who were chosen using a simple random sampling method and willingly agreed to take part in the study. Data in the study were gathered using the "Buss-Perry Aggression Scale," which was originally created by Buss and Perry (1992) and later modified for use in Turkish by Madran (2012). The data analysis was conducted using the JASP, JAMOVI, and SPSS software packages for the Windows operating system. The analyses utilised frequency, percentage, standard deviation, arithmetic mean, and non-parametric tests (Mann Whitney U and Kruskal Wallis). The analysis revealed significant variations in the aggression levels of Trabzonspor fans based on factors such as gender, marital status, age, monthly income, sports involvement, frequency of match viewing, and match viewing location. Consequently, it can be asserted that the levels of aggression among young, unmarried, and male fans who actively attend Trabzonspor matches with the spectator groups in the stadium are elevated. The strong sense of affiliation that fans have towards their team, combined with external stimuli present in stadiums, elicit the aggressive tendencies of the fans. These fans, who possess personal attributes such as youth and singleness, may encounter difficulties in managing their aggressive impulses, resulting in a heightened level of aggression.


Sports club, football, fan, aggression